Custom Apparel Printing

Direct to Garment (DTG) Printing

Direct to Garment printing allows us to provide short run or rush jobs at an effective price for a very high quality garment.

Printing with DTG is much simpler than screen print or silkscreen and can produce high quality results in a short amount of time, typically with no setup fees. If you think about it, its basically like your desktop printer at home but for apparel.

Direct to Garment is best suited for 100% cotton apparel or accessories but other applications do exist. We choose the best quality apparel and accessories available when printing this way. It ensures that the prints are vibrant, durable and will last through many washes.

Pricing is a little different for the direct to garment process. Instead of incurring art or setup charges per color, like in screen printing, DTG prints carry a higher “per piece” price but avoid setup fees for screens and films. This is ideal for short run or fulfillment type sales. There are still quantity discounts available.

Some of our DTG Work...