Silk Screen Printing

Need bulk? Silk Screen Printing is the Way to Go!

Screen Printing (AKA Silkscreen Printing) is the best method of printing when you need bulk quantities of apparel with your company logo or other artwork. Screen Printing is mostly used to print solid colors on garments. We have the ability to print up to 8 colors on a job.

Stranger Prints works with local Silk Screen Printers to provide amazing quality prints.

Some of our Popular Products...

With screen printing, layers of individual colors of ink are applied to the material and cured using a high temperature dryer. This process allows for vibrant colors to pop out on their own and in some cases to accent others. Colors can be chosen from a Pantone list giving us the best idea of which colors you desire. Of course there is always a small margin of error, but using the Pantone (PMS) system it helps us get as close as possible.

Every screen printed job will incur setup fees (unless noted) which include a film positive and the service of “burning” a screen. The screen is used to push ink through only the areas where the design needs to be printed. Different mesh counts are used based on the complexity of the design and how much ink is needed. The screens remain property of us or our printers but the artwork is, of course, still yours. You may purchase new ones through us for an additional charge if you would like to take them with you. You are also welcome to bring your own screens.

Specialty Silk Screen Printing Services

  • 4 Color Process
  • Simulated Process
  • Index Printing
  • Discharge
  • Neon Ink
  • Glow in the Dark ink

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